Families are complex.

There is no such thing as “normal,” and what constitutes family to one group of people may not match the definition of another.

No matter the makeup of your family, this group of people is your tribe, the root of your very being, so when the family unit feels out of balance then all of life feels out of balance.

Families go through so many phases, a lot of which are brought on by the ages of the children. Lots of different things can cause a parent’s fuse to get shorter as stressors abound with work, managing the household, finances, health, and parenting.

As a parent of young children, maybe your baby isn’t sleeping through the night… your toddler discovered temper tantrums . . . your preschooler isn’t progressing like the other kids…your sweet elementary aged child became a tween and went from adoring you to avoiding you.

As a parent of teens, maybe your teenager is testing boundaries every chance she gets…their grades are falling…they are having lots of friend drama…they spend a lot of time in their room. You wonder if this is normal or if they are depressed? It’s a time of confusion and wondering if you’re getting it right.

Maybe your husband travels all the time and you’re stressed from taking the brunt of the parenting duties… or you’re a single mom and you’re exhausted and you need a break from doing it all alone… or you’re a young grandmother helping raise your grandchildren, and you’re drained.

Family conflict is unsettling.

It is disheartening to hear the house filled with arguing, screaming, nagging and crying instead of laughter and sharing stories. You think too often that you can’t take it anymore and that you are going to have a breakdown.

You crave a peaceful household before the kids are grown and off to college.
You feel a sense of urgency. You want it now. Right now.

If this resonates with you then go ahead and take the first step. We can set up the first appointment so your journey to a peaceful household can start now.

Some of the things we can address are:

  • Communication, Communication, Communication!!!
  • Understanding what’s going on inside your teen’s brain
  • Rules and Consequences
  • Curfews
  • Phones/Social Media
  • Forced Family Fun
  • Parenting Styles & Putting an End to Helicopter Parenting (micro-managing)
  • Personal, Social and Financial Responsibility
  • Start Your Journey Now