The Mom Life

It’s 5:30am and your alarm goes off. You hit snooze.

Next thing you know its 6am and reality hits as you shuffle to the kitchen for caffeine. Your mind starts to prepare for the day – staff meeting at 9am, 2pm client proposal, schedule orthodontist appointment, meal planning, grocery store, start laundry before leaving for work. Your thoughts are abruptly interrupted by the sound of a loud, drawn out, “M – AAAHHH – M.” You feel overwhelmed and tired.

You can’t help but think there’s more to life than checklists and constant busy-ness.

You note that you need to make time for yourself …one of these days.


Meet Tracy Webb

The Adult Life

Your days are likely filled with similar busy-ness, racing thoughts, and never-ending to-do lists. Your stress may be about your career, finances, your relationships; or pressure to get married, buy a house, and have a baby. Maybe you have a friend going through a divorce, a colleague in an abusive relationship, or a family member suffering from addiction or mental illness. You’re at a crossroads. Which path do you take?

Life can be tough. Life can be challenging. Life can be beautiful.

You note that you need to make time for yourself . . .one of these days.

The Teen Life

Thoughts spinning around in the minds of teenagers at any given moment: “How do I look? …Why is everyone staring at me?…He is soooo cute …Does he even notice me? …Why don’t I get invited to parties?…Do my friends really like me or are they just pretending to like me? … I can’t trust her. She told everyone what I said.”

Their minds are so full of brain chatter about how everything – literally every single thing – will affect them. They often come across self-absorbed, spaced out, and debilitatingly self conscious.

Life as a teen is stressful, fun, and impulsive …a whirlwind of highs and lows.

“Mom thinks I need more sleep. Dad thinks I need to spend less time on my phone. I’m fine. Really. They just need to stop being so annoying. Doubt that’ll happen. Well, maybe one of these days.”

The Family Life

How do we keep our teenage daughters on the “right” path? How do we help them realize they are beautiful no matter what some mean girl or insecure boy says? How do we love them and set limits while simultaneously giving them a sense of freedom and independence? What about chores and responsibilities? And drinking, smoking, boys and sex? Wow, this is harder than I ever thought it would be.

My child isn’t the same. What happened to my sweet little girl? I don’t even know her anymore. She just told me she hated me. What? How can this be?

Please stop fighting! I can’t take it anymore. Stay out of each other’s rooms. Do NOT take her clothes without asking. Don’t touch her makeup. Do your laundry. Leave your sister/brother alone. Take out the trash. This isn’t how I envisioned family life.

My husband and I don’t see eye to eye on how to raise our daughter. He does fine with our son, but has unrealistic expectations for our daughter. This “unified front” concept is close to impossible. I feel like I’m doing this alone. Sigh. I had such a different image in my mind of how I thought this would be.

The College Life

Exams, deadlines, papers, homework, studying, stress, changing majors, boyfriends, girlfriends, football games, parties, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, disordered eating, binge drinking, breakups, more stress, good times, bad times, high times, low times, good grades, bad grades, sleeping all the time, not getting enough sleep, unreasonable roommates, best friends, no friends.

College is hard. College is fun. College will be one of the best times of your life.

You make a mental note to yourself that you need to make time to deal with a few issues that have surfaced …one of these days.